COVID-19: Decontamination of indoor air and protection of contact points, the key to the reopening of cafes and restaurants in France?

Protect the air we breathe and the touchpoints we touch!

If we are well equipped, we can reopen everything!

Reopening of restaurants and cafes in France - May 2021

INNOVATION: Two-Dimensional Protection - Air and Surfaces - closed spaces open to the public in France

While test restaurants will be selected to measure the risks of spreading Covid-19, indoor air decontamination and purification devices as well as protections for frequent contact points are emerging as the solution to reopen public places. closed.

Even if the virus is not yet eradicated, we must find a social and cultural life as soon as possible. But we know that in a closed environment where the air is not renewed, contamination occurs mainly by aerosolization. It is indeed necessary to reopen cultural places, shops and restaurants. But to do so, you need a health protocol where the decontamination and purification of indoor air as well as the protection of frequent contact points become a priority, this is decisive in controlling the epidemic.

A device that complements barrier gestures, it is not a question of removing your mask, but of reinforcing the air and surface protection devices.


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